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George Washington’s Prayer Investment Crashes


Reaching the culture means becoming relevant, and that includes in politics, an area of deep skepticism on the parts of many Christians. Politics defines “the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area.” Nothing wrong there. Christians see politics as being corrupt, and for good reason. George Washington dedicated America to God. Corruption enters when we usurp God’s position and govern ourselves, which seems to be the new American pastime. For Christians, then, it comes down to choosing between two competing systems. One is the un-Biblical governmental alignment of political avoidance where we abdicate our God-given authority. The other choice is to intentionally exercise the joy and privilege of Biblical citizenship, showing forth the love of Jesus Christ in Spirit and in truth. When we choose the second option, we sprint towards—not from—the public square. We can still fulfill George’s Wall Street prayer and see the Church, and by extension, America, return to God.
SCRIPTURE: Matthew 28:28
PRAY: Christians are educated in Biblical citizenship.
ACTION: Contact the Salt & Light Council. We will train and equip your congregation to activate Biblical citizens. We hope to hear from you soon!


        Help Us Ignite The Culture in 2017!

        Help Us Ignite The Culture in 2017!


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