Biblical vs. Political Correctness

Are you a Pastor who continually makes the Bible relevant to the culture?

If so, we want to know you! We want change in America, badly.  We know it will only come as the Church exercises faith through education, activation and engagement in God’s moral issues, publically.

Pastor, you already know you have every legal right to speak up.  Our turn-key, sustainable ministry helps you bridge the gap from pulpit to pew. We provide easy-to-use tools that are arming congregations in the “HOW-TOs” of preserving our religious freedom through Jesus Christ. Let us work with you!

Pastors' Political Rights - Watch These Videos

Mat Staver – Liberty Counsel

It’s TEAM-work! Train, Equip And Maintain

How to start an effective Salt & Light Biblical Citizenship Ministry in your congregation in TWO EASY STEPS

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Pastors nationwide have teamed with The Salt & Light Council, engaging their congregations in the “new” mission field of government. If we exercise our historical, rightful authority as the moral guides of America, by God’s grace we will see revival.



  • We properly apply Judeo-Christian apologetics to the moral issues decimating our culture.

  • We educate biblical citizens in the Christian heritage and foundation of America.

  • Congregations take action along with hundreds of other churches at the same time, and on the same issues.

We can address the culture in ways relevant to the problems people face today. We can see change. Society has largely lost its moral bearing. Jesus is the Answer, and He has given us the keys to open hearts.

Start a Biblical Citizenship Ministry