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Eastland, TX

Robin Hayes
Email: robinhayes7@yahoo.com

The “Aha” Moment!

Six years ago, Robin Hayes attended a Christian Values Summit put together by her pastor, Jerry Marston. She was hooked. “There were so many amazing speakers that really motivated me. I heard about things I didn’t even know were going on.” The Salt & Light Council was also there, displaying its myriad resources. “I felt immediately we needed that in our church. It inspired me. It’s really big for me to stand up, but in a nice way. I’m not going to argue with anybody. It’s just getting the Lord’s message out any way I can.”

The Call-to-Action

As an affiliate leader, Robin operates a Salt & Light table one Sunday a month, where a major focus is voter registration. She also hosts a monthly SLC meeting. “Everything that Salt & Light does, that’s my mission, my goal. It’s very exciting to me.” Robin said she’s grateful to have a pastor who understands the need to shape culture with a Biblical worldview. “He’s just amazing. He is very motivating.”

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