Salt & Light Biblical Citizenship Ministries are needed at churches across America because the future of our nation is at stake.  It starts with each of us. As Dran Reese, President of The Salt & Light Council said, “We have more love, faith and generosity than most any other country – and God has blessed us. America is worth fighting for.  That is what we Christians do. We never give up believing Jesus is the remedy for our national sins.”

The three-pronged foundation upon which God has established society is under attack: family, church, and civil government. We contend for these through prayer, education and dedicated action with confidence that we will see the restoration of our nation.




The Family Can Be Redeemed by Restoring:

  • Marriage, which God created to be between one man and one woman only.
  • The family unit of Father, Mother and Children as He has ordained it.
  • Parents Authority over raising their own Children without government encroachment.
  • Abolishing abortion, addressing sexual promiscuity, and acknowledging the harms of pornography

The Church’s Part in the Restoration of our Culture by:

  • Being Biblically Correct and not Politically Correct
  • Exercising our God-given rights and using our voice.
  • Refusing to be silenced and marginalized.
  • Learning to love in Spirit and truth those with unbiblical doctrines and ideologies.
  • Maintaining religious freedom as ordained by God, and refusing state/governmental intervention on matters of conscience.

The Government Can be Restored by:

  • Upholding the foundational, Judeo-Christian operating system of America.
  • Understanding that God is first. We, the people, answer to God – government answers to us.
  • Understanding that government originates with each individual. If we govern ourselves according to the Word of God, all will fall into place!
  • Maintaining the family – father, mother, children – as the next unit of government, and governing our families according to the Word of God.
  • Training and equipping missionaries, public servants and volunteers to enter government this as a mission field. (This is task of The Salt & Light Council)
  • Every congregation in America worth its salt making government, media and education equal to all other ministries of the church.

When Christians show up, everybody wins!

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