Rebecca Friedrichs – “Standing Up To Goliath”

The Salt & Light Council Lecture Series – November 2018

Rebecca Friedrichs, a 28-year California public school teacher discusses The CA Healthy Youth Act (implemented January 1, 2016). In this video recording from The Salt & Light Council’s monthly November 2018 Lecture Series, she shares the alarming highlights of the approved “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” curriculums that have teachers mortified and parents fighting back. Her compelling presentation helps connect the dots on who is pushing this sexual, social and political agenda on our kids and who’s paying for it. You’ll be shocked by the answers, but you will come away with hope – because we can stop the abuse of our kids when we learn to stand with good teachers who don’t realize they have the power to restore the dignity of their profession and restore our schools and culture.

WARNING: explicit content not appropriate for children-even though they are teaching this in California public schools. 



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