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Grassroots Group’s Heated Return to IU Kinsey Institute

“Hidden in plain sight, this research center remains the true ‘ground-zero’ for the sexual revolution.”

A cross-section of concerned citizens, 60-strong, held a press conference on a drizzly afternoon in Bloomington, Indiana. They gathered in front of Indiana University’s (IU) historic Lindley Hall, the new location of The Kinsey Institute for Sex, Gender and Reproduction. Hidden in plain sight, this research center remains the true “ground-zero” for the sexual revolution.

It was Friday, September 20th, 2019, and the respectful, yet passionate meeting sought to address an increasingly heated topic quickly gaining national notoriety: the increased sexualization of children occurring through public schools and libraries. Hand-held signs included, “Protect Children, “Stop Kinsey, and “Stop Sexualizing Our Kids.”

l-r: The Salt & Light (S&L) Team joined Dr. Reisman at the Kinsey Home: Affiliate Leader Heidi Pezdek, S&L Director Gail Levin, S&L President Dran Reese, Dr. Judith Reisman, Affiliate Leader Susi Dean, Affiliate Leader Char Edmundson

At the base of the building’s steps, as students occasionally filtered up and down, Kinsey expert, Dr. Judith Reisman talked shop. Uncompromised after decades of rigorous study, Dr. Reisman disclosed the evil research of the university’s most notorious professor, sexologist Alfred Kinsey.

Unknown to the general public, Kinsey was a pedophile. Using a magnified chart of infamous Table 34, Dr. Reisman brought to light his monstrous studies documenting “orgasms” from infants as young as five months old. Dr. Reisman reported that Kinsey incredulously found the “sobbing” and “fainting” responses of a four-year-old over a 24-hour period to be “pleasurable” to the child. Additionally, convicts and those deemed mentally ill were posed as models of normal sexuality for adult males and females.

Dr. Reisman detailed how over 70 years, the effect of Kinsey’s falsified data has degraded the cherished institutions of marriage and family—the effects now infiltrating K-12 public schools through Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) including highly pornographic instruction, and libraries now holding Drag Queen Story Hours for children as “entertainment” and to promote “cultural acceptance.”

This year’s event followed a rally in September 2018, as part of pro-family activist Elizabeth Johnston’s (The Activist Mommy) National Sex-Ed Sit Out. To oppose CSE’s indoctrination of children in public schools—often without parental knowledge—parents were encouraged to keep their students home from class. Parents and children then held peaceful protests in front of their district education buildings.

At that time, members of the local Salt and Light Council’s Biblical Citizenship Ministry joined about 50 others from grassroots groups and held their Sit-Out at IU’s Kinsey Institute. Our joint presence alerted Hoosiers to the fake “science” supported by hard-earned, tax-funded dollars.

That led to our desire to help bring others for this 2019 effort in front of Lindley Hall, organized through the Protect Child Health Coalition (PCHC). A nationwide group, this was a field trip for PCHC members who traveled to Indianapolis from around the country for a fourth annual conference.

As explained on its website, “The PCHC is a network of concerned citizens, parents, professionals, leaders, and organizations representing the fields of law, academia, mental and physical health, politics, religion, government and more who believe that all children should be protected from harmful materials, especially pornographic, obscene, or erotic materials. We are a nonpartisan coalition that welcomes people of all faiths (and of no faith) who have an interest in protecting the health and innocence of children.”

Bloomington locals were also present to witness Dr. Reisman’s historic return to The Kinsey Institute. Dr. Reisman is author of five books on Kinsey, including Sexual Sabotage and Stolen Honor, Stolen Innocence. All listened as Reisman encouraged everyone to sign the petition at the website, https://stopthekinseyinstitute.org/.

Former Indiana Representative Cindy Noe also spoke, challenging her state legislatures to investigate the Kinsey Institute. 25 years ago, Reisman, and Noe, along with Representatives Woody Burton (unable to attend) proposed a bill to defund the Kinsey Institute. At the press conference, they renewed this call.

Other speakers included Merrilee Boyack, Executive Director of Family Watch International; The Reisman Institute’s Alisa Jordheim, an expert on sex-trafficking; and Audrey Werner, President of Matthew XVIII

Group, a ministry dedicated to waking up the church to the social science which has overtaken it in the realm of Life and Marriage. All were there to expose the harm of CSE from falsified Kinsey “science.”

Before the press conference, Dr. Reisman took participants to the home of Alfred Kinsey, explaining how instead of being vilified, Kinsey’s legacy is lauded: The Bloomington Historic Preservation Commission has applied for his home to be added to the National Register of Historic Places.

The tone at the university was peaceful yet impassioned, as participants held signs including “Defund and Investigate Kinsey,” and “Stop Sexualizing Our Kids.” J.D. Miniear, host of the Conservative Commandos Radio Show, spoke at the event’s conclusion, challenging the university to protect children; much as the university did in 2001, when IU coach Bobby Knight was fired for grabbing and choking a student. Miniear challenged, “Where is IU’s justice for the victims of Kinsey’s insidious ‘research’ today?”

To add your voice to those wanting to end the continuing sexualization of America’s youth, contact your Indiana legislative representative, and request an investigation of the taxpayer-funded Kinsey Institute.

The Salt & Light Council is a 501(c)3 non-profit, religious organization. Its mission is to see America’s Biblical and moral foundations restored by training and equipping churches to establish Salt & Light Biblical Citizenship Ministries that will defend and promote life, natural marriage, and our Constitutional and religious liberties. https://saltandlightcouncil.org/

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