CALIFORNIA Salt & Light State Leaders

Salt & Light Council Leadership

La Mesa, CA

Gail Levin

About Their Salt & Light Ministry

The “Aha” Moment!

Gail realized the culture was out of whack very soon after her salvation in 1982. “The Lord showed me the state of the world without Him; it was a war zone. Bleak. No flowers or trees. Just barren. The shock almost made me want to go back to sleep. But I knew the alternative, being in the clutches of the devil, was not an option. I have been on the front lines ever since, fighting the ‘good fight.’”

The Call-to-Action

Dr./Rabbi Joel Liberman leads Tree of Life (TOL) Messianic Congregation with honesty and truth. As a Patriot Rabbi, he speaks compassionately, yet without reservation or apology, to cultural issues and the need for Messiah. Rabbi Joel ably applies both Old and New Covenants from a Hebrew perspective. As Affiliate Leader of Sounding the Shofar, TOL’s name for their Salt & Light Ministry, Gail’s monthly announcements inform the congregation on the most pressing state and national issues, and how they can take action. As well, periodic Prayer and Action meetings continue to educate so at election time people know, and have the courage to vote, Biblical values.

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