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Pasadena, CA

Beth Ahlers

About Their Salt & Light Ministry

The “Aha” Moment!

 Affiliate Leader Beth Ahlers considers herself an action person: “[I was seeking] something tangible to do that would make a sustainable difference for righteousness and goodness in the world.” Feeling discouraged and overwhelmed by the nation’s “unworkable systems and corrupt leadership,” the 2016 election of a political outsider as President produced a seminal moment. “I thought, ‘God is not done with America!’  He will have His way. If His people step into the momentum He is providing for us—nothing is impossible with God.” She recalls, “My hope was renewed, hope that cultural and national reformation is possible!” In 2019, at Beth’s request, Harvest Rock Church launched its Salt & Light Council Biblical Citizenship Ministry.

The Call-to-Action

In mid-2020, Senior Pastors Ché and Sue Ahn renewed the congregation’s focus on California to bring revival and reformation to the state, and to their home base of Pasadena. The new emphasis complements ongoing efforts to support a pro-life clinic, interface with conservative representatives, promote candidates aligning with SLC’s Family First Pledge, and preach on Biblical governmental principles.

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