Teen Daughters

Teen Vogue, a teen fashion magazine aimed at girls, is encouraging its readers to engage in extremely risky and dangerous sexual practices, reports an article in The Christian Post. “This is porn culture completely normalized and mainstreamed,” said Dawn Hawkins, senior vice president and executive director of the National Center of Sexual Exploitation in Washington, D.C. “Teen Vogue is coming alongside ‘patriarchal’ and ‘male-centered’ forces in society that teach boys to manipulate girls into doing whatever they want with them,” she added. “And we have to remember that [Teen Vogue] is not writing to adults.” Hawkins notes that “a source that the girls trust and they look to for advice and to teach them about the world around them…[is] saying ‘Yeah, you should try this’ and they are giving them very misleading information. And they aren’t talking about the physical and emotional harms.” Internet safety activist Donna Rice Hughes concurs, “This kind of information and material, misinformation I should say, is sneaking in everywhere and parents have to be super vigilant.”

SCRIPTURE: Proverbs 22:6; Matthew 18:6.

PRAY: The Church stands against sexual immorality.

ACTION: Write a postcard to the president of Frito Lay, a Teen Vogue sponsor: “Dear Mr. Sankaran, I urge Frito Lay to remove advertising from Teen Vogue, as it glamorizes dangerous sexual behaviors.” Parents, carefully monitor your children’s reading material. Vivek Sankaran President, Frito Lay, 7701 legacy drive, Plano tx 75024.