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Meet the anti-Millennial conservative Millennial. In September, CNN highlighted the results of a paper by Jean Twenge, a psychology professor at San Diego State University. Examining data on 10-million adults from three different prominent social surveys, Twenge found that high schoolers are more likely to identify as politically conservative than they were ten years ago, and that political polarization is higher in the Millennial generation than in Generation X or the Baby Boomers at equivalent ages. In other words, though young people today still tend to be liberal, when you compare like to like—previous generations at the same age—Millennials are trending less liberal than their parents and grandparents. This new counter-revolution is ultimately built on devotion to God, enthusiasm for our nation’s founding principles, a healthy respect for tradition and our most valuable cultural institutions, and hard work.

SCRIPTURE: 1 Timothy 5:17. 
PRAY: Revival breaks out among Millennials.
ACTION: Invest in The Salt & Light Council. Help us continue to arm churches with tools and resources that educate and activate this new social movement of anti-Millennial Millennials.



   Help Us Arm Anti-Millennial Millennials

   Help Us Arm Anti-Millennial Millennials


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