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It is time for us to have a serious conversation about the future of America. Please take what you are about to read prayerfully before the Lord. America is being transformed right before our eyes. I believe it is because we have abandoned our civic duty. For one, we have not voted nor voted right. Christians could win every election if they got involved, but most do not. Now, with clear 2020 vision, we can look backwards and see that we have neglected to elect people without first investigating their background, their loyalty to American principles or their ties to Socialism, Communism and Radical Islam. It is time to repent. We must repent for not taking seriously our role in civil government, acting on issues and legislation, voicing our opinions on evil bills and laws, not running for office, not voting in primaries and the general election, or voting without thought.

It is time to realign our faith. This starts with repentance. We must repent of our lack of participation in the electoral process and being a low-information voter. We must repent that we did not vote in alignment with the values that God has instructed in His Word. It is time to obey the Word of the Lord.

Hear this loud and clear, people of faith. We can NEVER AGAIN vote for someone who willingly votes to abort a child from inside a mother’s womb. We can NEVER AGAIN vote for anyone who legislates to change God’s image of a man and woman to any “gender” that please the trends of the day. This is on us now. We must stand when the world falls.

And, for those who receive some form of government money and will only vote for the party that promises to give more, I ask you, “How much is your soul worth?” Is it worth stealing from the next generation? Is it worth the loss of our First Amendment rights? Is it worth the loss of freedom?

All of us have contributed to the United States of America becoming dependent on China for pharmaceuticals, healthcare supplies, food, clothing, home goods, and so much more. The United States, the most innovative, courageous country has become dependent on a Communist country for sustenance. We made a deal with the devil to save a buck. We must repent and get busy starting new businesses with products Made in America. In five years, we could turn this economy into the greatest economy in the history of mankind,

Will the election in November be fair? Every American will now receive a vote-by-mail ballot and that leads to enormous fraud and tampering. We are under siege in our own country. Please volunteer to be a poll worker and get trained to work at your local polling location and Registrar of Voters where the ballots are counted, and now even counted twice!

What can we do after we repent and realign our faith once and for all to the Word of God? We can start by making sure America survives and hold all the swamp creatures accountable. Vote. Vote out the bums who vote for evil. Run for office yourself or help new and better candidates get elected. Become a poll worker and vote your values.

We can help others learn how to vote values by printing from www.BiblicalVoter.com the Party Platforms. We can share with others how to align their faith to their vote. We can watch and share the video that clearly outlines the difference between the Democratic and Republican parties. Now is the time to expose openly which party fights for people of faith and which one fights against people of faith.

Once churches reopen we can start a Salt & Light Biblical Citizenship Ministry that will be the ultimate gift for you and your church to know exactly what to do in this cultural battle. We can help register new voters. And, you may say, this seems so unimportant, but if every illegal alien is made legal in one fell swoop and can vote, or no one ever needs to show ID to vote, ask yourself what would that do to America, to our economy, to our schools, to ever having hope of fair elections again? Think. Please, Christians, think.

As Winston Churchill said, “Never, ever, ever, ever give up.” As United States General Bob Dees said, “Hang on for 10 seconds longer.” As God says “As you sow, so shall you reap.” We urge you to get involved, and www.BiblicalVoter.com is a tool to provide you and your church with real Biblical election tools to help save this nation.

This is the end of the road for Christians. Let’s hope it is a cul-de-sac – a turn-around point in the history for America as a sovereign Christian nation.

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