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Gail Levin | Director of The Salt & Light Council

Much of Gail’s early Christian outreach involved the healing ministries. As such, she has a heart for not only civic engagement, but in seeing the Church affect the culture through both Spirit and truth.

As Founder and Executive Director of Generational Crossroads (GC), for 15 years, Gail led hundreds to relational and generational freedom through the power of Jesus Christ. An ordained minister, she has volunteered in many capacities, including counseling women at a Crisis Pregnancy Center, receiving mediator training through a victim-offender reconciliation program, and serving as assistant director for an ex-gay ministry.

As Director of The Salt & Light Council, Gail’s duties include training new Affiliate Leaders and providing ongoing, back-office support for affiliate ministries nationwide. Gail serves as managing editor of SLC’s Monthly Maintenance. This packet of resources includes The Salt & Light Newsletter with pivotal articles, pertinent Scriptures, and prayers that educate, mobilize and activate believers in promoting the Good News of Jesus Christ in the culture. There is also a Next Generation newsletter with age-appropriate content and actions geared towards teens.

Gail is married with two children and three grandchildren. She is a member of a local Messianic Congregation, and involved in prayer ministries.


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